"We commit to follow all national and international best practise guidelines where available".


Services Offered


  • General terrestrial fauna and wildlife assessments.
  • Pre-construction Bat and Bird Monitoring and Impact Assessments for Proposed Wind Energy Facilities
  • Post-construction/Operational Bat and Bird Monitoring and Fatality Estimate Assessments for Wind Energy Facilities
  • Biodiversity Management Plans to meet IFC's and other lender's standards.
  • Together with our international partners, we can optimize studies for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Pyxicephalus (Giant and African) bullfrog specialist surveys, assessments, management and monitoring plans
  • Bat Surveys for the Re-mining of Mine Shafts
  • Bat Species Inventories and Management Plans for Parks and Reserves
  • Cave Bat Surveys

                 We hold the necessary provincial permits for bat capture and release and handling.